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About FCA Maryland Huddle Leaders...

Since 2012, FCA MD Lacrosse has strived to transform the lives of players, coaches and families in the greater Baltimore area. One of the key roles in our ministry is the Huddle Leader, the college lacrosse players who serve as role models, mentors and leaders for the players within the FCA Lacrosse ministry. We appreciate your desire to fill this role within FCA MD Lacrosse this summer!

Huddle Leaders join our club teams on May 29th and work until the end of their assigned team’s summer tournament season (July 1st). A mandatory Huddle Leader Training workshop will take place the week before the season starts. Because your time with the players is only four to five weeks, we ask that you commit to being present for the large majority of the summer season. This role is a paid position and we ask that Huddle Leaders miss no more than three days (practices and tournament days) with their teams.

We ask that you only complete this form if you are committed to serving as a Huddle Leader this summer in a manner that excellently represents FCA Lacrosse both on and off the field. Huddle Leaders are looked to as role models and leaders in the FCA MD Lacrosse community and our hope is that your actions and words serve as a positive example to all you encounter.

If you would like to serve as an FCA MD Lacrosse Huddle Leader, please complete this application in it’s entirety. Applications will be taken until March 30th. If you know of someone who’s interested in serving with us, please have them contact Lauren (Liacoboni@fca.org), Matt (memerson@fca.org) or Riley (rdesmit@fca.org).